My Mission:

Creating Value.

I love learning and believe gaining new knowledge is the cornerstone to personal growth. I begin each day with a head full of questions and a belly hungry for answers. This site is dedicated to my curiosities worth spreading. 


My Mission

I have made it my goal to learn as much as I can about anything I can. My curiosity is endless and the world needs solving. I have a mission to be a pusher of markets, a teacher of industry, and a devoted life long student of entrepreneurship.


The vague spirit of entrepreneurship

I have been called many things in my life, some good, some bad. A devil's advocate, a hard worker, slightly insane, a devoted family member, and a loyal friend to name a few that stand out. There is one though at the top of the list that continues to be repeated from many different people in my life over the years, an entrepreneur. The more and more this gets repeated, the more I question it, naturally. I often wonder what that word even means if so many feel it necessary to label me as such. It will probably plague my list of question for the rest of my life. If I can answer one question thoroughly and explicitly before I reach my end, I would be more then satisfied to provide the world with the concise definition of what entrepreneurship truly means to me and the rest of the world.



# of Customers 

Whether it was a construction project with my general contracting business, a move job I have serviced, an uber ride completed, or a digital marketing contract with Fuel Sell It, I love meeting and helping new people and creating value in their lives. 



# of emails sent

When I am managing projects, discussing details with customers, prospecting employees and clients and even seeking out industry professionals, I am not shy in communication. I would much rather be told to shut up then speak up.  



Cups of coffee, Too many to count

My drug of choice like many others, caffeine. My vehicle, coffee. I have sipped many a brew in many awesome locations around the US and the rest of the world. My real mission is to find the perfect brew.


Current Inspirations:

Tune in to my current inspirations here. I am an open book and love to share all that I am working on. Peruse major questions I am investigating, books I have read and plan to read next, new products I am trying out, and featured companies I have recently discovered. 

  • Tim first and foremost is a great friend and has my back.
  • When it comes to grinding out basic or grunt work he's hard working to the edge of crazy.
  • Tim is fun to grab a beer with.
  • Professionally, he's an ambitious big thinker that values relations and connections. He excels in business strategy and planning.
  • Timothy Mathewson is a kind gentle smart hardworking individual who is willing to do anything for anyone.
  • Tim is a hardworking individual and highly motivated towards improving his business. Knowing him as a friend, he is responsible and caring; a true life-long friend that will always be there for you.
  • Timothy is a kind and caring human being. He is thinker and his ideas are numerous. Timothy is a hard worker and is always willing to help out anyone. Good moral compass.
  • Tim's the type of guy who will meet a stranger and offer them a beer and invite them to hang out. It was through that altruism that I met him, and he's kept in touch over the years.
  • Timothy Mathewson is a passionate, strong, smart, free-spirited thinker who comes up with the most creative way to solve problems.
  • Tim Mathewson is a hard-working, motivated, successful independent businessman. He strives to put his best foot forward with whatever task or project he encounters.
  • Timothy Mathewson is very creative thinker who will solve any problem faced and will always come up with a unique perspective on how to face and conquer the problem.
  • Tim is always willing to do anything for other people without asking or expecting anything in return, which is very hard to find nowadays.
  • Tim will always question and make you think about your perspective by asking the right kind of question, however someone who will have your back at the end of it even if you disagree or agree with each other thoughts.
  • Timothy Mathewson is a lover, caring, and free spirited thinker who you definitely want on in your corner.
  • He is true believer of the saying work hard party harder.
  • Tim is a hard-worker who will do almost anything to at-least say he tried it with no worry of the outcome.

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Future Travels

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